The Person Michaellee James As our life stories unfold, we all know that there are scenes that bring joy and laughter. Read More Speaker in field of Education Michaellee James We no doubt need to aim at disarming the notion of ‘failure’ by helping others to understand that they only fail, when they decide that they will not to try again. Read More The Author and Poet Michaellee James WHO DOESN'T LOVE CATS? I started writing in February 2012 and it gives me great satisfaction that I am able to make a contribution to published literature. Read More The Parent Michaellee James In a world that is being torn apart by selfishness, greed and intolerance, there is a sense of urgency to inculcate sound moral values and respect for others. Read More Education Consultant Michaellee James For we would have succeeded whenever we have done our best. Read More The Barrister at Law Michaellee James I find great satisfaction in counselling parents and young adults or even reminding education practitioners about the State’s responsibility. Read More

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Mine The Mirror 

Billy continues to offer his teacher intriguing excuses for not bringing in his homework, a class teacher tries to get the children to think about the little things they do that affect their achievement, a child draws from her mother’s legacy, and two friends carry on an ‘implicit’ conversation about focusing on their own dreams.
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Dawn has broken; nature declares a new day Gentle warmth, upon my pillow, upon my bed I feel thy rays but where is thy travelling light? No

But, patronising you need not be I’m no visionless than he who has physical visibility’ He who sees nature and misses its beauty’ He who dis