Remind Me

Dawn has broken; nature declares a new day
Gentle warmth, upon my pillow, upon my bed
I feel thy rays but where is thy travelling light?
No reflection, no vision, only perpetual night!
What strange reality. The strangeness my plight!

Remind me, help me to recall earth’s painted gallery.
Take me on a journey that captures the pictures in my memory.
As my guiding staff, takes me through streets and the bustling city.

Play me a movie that features the faces that mean so much to me,
Remind me of the humming birds that flap their wings and fly away,
The hibiscus flower, tall trees that dance and sway.
Until the moon and stars announce the close of play.
Remind me! Remind me! ; don’t wither; don’t slumber but stay

CATEGORY: All, Poems

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