Mine The Mirror

Publication Date: January 5, 2018

Billy continues to offer his teacher intriguing excuses for not bringing in his homework, a class teacher tries to get the children to think about the little things they do that affect their achievement, a child draws from her mother’s legacy, and two friends carry on an ‘implicit’ conversation about focusing on their own dreams.

Included in this collection are poems that encourage reflection, self-determination, and other valuable life lessons. This book is intended to support teachers in the classroom. As a result, it comes with a glossary that contains a selection of poetic devices and a range of engaging questions that lend themselves to the study of poetry.

Kirkus Review
A children’s collection of motivational verses for entertainment and study ‘According to her author bio, Trinidadian Michaellee James (Trees Grow Over Fences, 2017,
etc.) learned to read relatively late, at age 14, but went on to work as a teacher and as a barrister. In this collection, she translates her determination onto the page in verses that
frequently urge readers to listen, pay attention, and work hard.’

BlueInk Review
‘The poems cover a variety of topics, from a child’s reluctance to go to school to the importance of brushing teeth. All are meant to instill reflection and help children explore matters such as the
consequences of one’s actions and the appreciation of family. James employs a variety of poetic devices, including metaphor, rhyme and repetition, and she uses the questions following the poems to help students discover poetic techniques and meaning. Most of James’ poems are upbeat, and she is deft at capturing a child’s voice… The book’s drawings are purposefully childish, creating an
immediate bond with youthful readers…using poems children can own is an inspired teaching device, and this book goes a long way toward making poetry approachable for grade scholar… many teachers will find it helpful as a classroom resource.’

Foreword Clarion Review
‘Michaellee James’s Mine the Mirror is equal combination poetry volume and textbook. A series of morally and behaviourally instructive poems are coupled with advanced discussion questions and a glossary of poetic terminology, all with a focus on the education and uplift …whether the volume is meant as a teacher’s guide for primary school students or a challenging primer for the middle grades, there’s a persistent focus on uplift… The children in these poems offer younger audiences potential surrogates and points of identification. Poems encourage children to be their best; they foster self-investment in education and chivvy youngsters toward healthy behaviors. The tone ranges from playful to earnest, humorous to scary, but always in service to an overall message of betterment… explore emotions and encourage a broader, global perspective.’


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