I view children as one of the most precious gifts that we can receive. Whenever I see a new born baby in their totally dependent state, I often consider the divine responsibility of parenthood. There is this instinctual drive to love, provide for and nurture our little ones. It goes without saying that the majority of us strive to do our very best. We try to instil principles that will preserve and guide our children even in our absence.

As a parent and grandparent, I am conscious that the children under my charge are not just little people that I admire and enjoy but coupled with this is the awesome responsibility of raising individuals who will not just age but develop into human beings who will make a positive impact on society. The reality is that while we applaud achievements and contributions being made by a great many, society continues to cry out about rising heights of undesirable behaviour of some of our children, let alone adults.

Many will assert that one of the growing levels of disrespect and crimes presently taking place is because many people have not been able to discover their unique and priceless selves. I reason that in a world where there is so much talk about finding one’s identity, it seems logical to me that the starting point must be with our maker whom I consider to be the chief architect of human designs.

I believe that one needs to make every effort not just to tell my children about living a life that demonstrates positive principles but despite my imperfections I accept as true, that my life must seek to validate sound moral values. When it comes to coping with setbacks, they are facts of life and there is the need to teach our children that they must not allow themselves to be held prisoners of circumstances.

Apart from trying my best to satisfy the physical and emotional and psychological needs of my children, I also believe that assisting my children to connect with their creator is a god given duty. My experience is that it is only when that personal connection is made that one begins to understand who they really are. It is only when one can respect ultimate authority, can he or she initiate respect for self, parent, teachers, the law.

Let me take the opportunity to say that I consider this to be the most fundamental approach to good parenting.