Author’s School Visits – United Kingdom

The one thing that is certainly true is that there is no perfect education system and I find it interesting experience when I connect with students both nationally and internationally. I believe that it is important for children, young adults to be convinced that irrespective of their life stories, they are winners and have within them all that it takes to succeed. It was a great privilege to be given the opportunity to engage with some of the children in Scottish schools. I told them that they are winners because they were born. They were born because they are winners. I concluded by sharing with them, ‘Papa’s Champion Race’ from my by book, I’M THINKING…

My interest in nature

My interest in nature always compels me to pause and admire the grandeur of creation around us. It reaffirms my faith that there must be an architect far greater that we can ever imagine- the one who designed and engineered the structure and magnificence of our incredibly beautiful world. Here I stand at the edge of the River Teeth at Callender Meadow. What a marvelous sight, nestled against the backdrop of the mountain Ben Ledi. As I made my way to speak at a school in West Dumbartonshire, I could not but stop at Lock Lomond. What a beauty!