Hi I am Michaellee James. Welcome to my website.
As our life stories unfold, we all know that there are scenes that bring joy and laughter. Some events plunge us into despair. Some demand great courage but I believe that such encounters are not meant to scare us or to make us run away. They are meant to be unravelled and understood. They are meant to edify and promote.

At a Glance:

My circumstances greatly affected my early education attainment and as a result, at age fourteen I still could not read. I was therefore deemed unable to cope with main stream education. My mother also could not read as she came from a family background where, at that time, girls were not sent to school. Although my father was able to read, from hind sight, I believe that he himself did not know how to help me to become a reader. However, my parents’ moral support became one of the most powerful contributions to my education journey. They were able to inspire intrinsic- motivation within me. I suppose this is why I am such a strong supporter of parental involvement in children’s education.

My Interest:

Observing Nature


It was in London that I wrote my first book, I’M THINKING… It was at this time that I fully understood the power of the present. I found it a very powerful place to be and I believe that it is from this strategic point one has the muscle to influence the future. I have come to realise that the important thing is not where one is at the moment but where one is heading and the structure that is put in place to get there. Sadly, there are some, whom like I once did, feel that they are failures, when in fact there are so much more slumbering potentials within. But, we are winners because we were born. Hence, my poem, Papa’s Champion Race’ was inspired by this conviction.

I leave you with this quote from Colin Powell:

There is no secret to success.
It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure.
Colin Powell

What a fortified house of clay
With dreaming plants and towering shrubs
Among which lay heaps of fertile soil,
Where sleeping seedlings with giant yawns have awaken
And now the time has come
When the weeds and stones must now give way,
And the sun and moon emerge to applaud the long awaited day.