Michaellee James Releases New Book of Children’s Poems

‘Mine the Mirror’

LONDON- Driven to contribute to the materials available for the study of poetry in schools, author Michaellee James announces the release of ‘Mine the Mirror’ This children’s book encourages the use of poetry as a means of improving a range of literary skills and general achievements, while inspiring children to become expressive and effective writers.

With the content of everyday events that occur within the school community presented in each page, James believes both students and teachers will readily connect with the poems. In addition, the book comes with a range of questions at different levels and includes a glossary of selected literary devices to assist students with the study of poetry.

‘Mine the Mirror’ also teaches valuable life lessons such as self-responsibility, determination, empathy… appreciation of nature.

‘Mine the Mirror’
By Michaellee James
Softcover 82 pages ISBN9781546282785
E-book ISBN 9781546281429
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Michaellee James was born in the island of Trinidad and Tobago where she grew up and spent her early adulthood. She attended Valsayn Teachers’ College and subsequently taught at Eastern Girls Primary School, which is situated in the City of Port of Spain. In 1990, she migrated to England where she taught in some of London’s inner city schools; later served as a visiting university lecturer in the faculty of education. She has been involved in matters concerning education for the past thirty-two years. While residing in England, she became a member of the British Psychological Society. She was ‘Called to the Bar’ at the Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn and became a barrister at law in England and Wales. She is the published author of the books, ‘Trees Grow Over Fences’ and ‘I’M THINKING…’ She is also a speaker in matters of education and delivers talks at schools in England, Scotland and the Caribbean. During her many radio and television interviews, Michaellee is not reserved about openly declaring that she could not read at age fourteen. Coming from such a background, she is passionate about encouraging others to defy expectations by persevering against all odds.

Dawn has broken; nature declares a new day
Gentle warmth, upon my pillow, upon my bed
I feel thy rays but where is thy travelling light?
No reflection, no vision, only perpetual night!
What strange reality. The strangeness my plight!

Remind me, help me to recall earth’s painted gallery.
Take me on a journey that captures the pictures in my memory.
As my guiding staff, takes me through streets and the bustling city.

Play me a movie that features the faces that mean so much to me,
Remind me of the humming birds that flap their wings and fly away,
The hibiscus flower, tall trees that dance and sway.
Until the moon and stars announce the close of play.
Remind me! Remind me! ; don’t wither; don’t slumber but stay

But, patronising you need not be
I’m no visionless than he who has physical visibility’
He who sees nature and misses its beauty’
He who discard talents and ingenuity,
He, who squanders wealth repeatedly,

Don’t pity me, because my love’s face I cannot see
The sincerity of her heart is enough for me,
Spared from the deception of physical beauty

Don’t misinterpret my non-sighted reality,
Miscalculate my innate ability
Question if nature’s hands dealt fairly with me

For we both see our world; I pause to decree
Only I see through the opaque lenses in me
Not strange, for I know nothing of light
My life is measured only in hours and nights.